Website and Branding

Girl Financial

This group started from a simple coupon website to something so much more. We were able to develop branding and collateral. This information is to help empower women to learn how to be financially independent and ways to grow an income while being a full-time mom.

Branding Package

Adrian Parker & Associates

Local Architecture firm fundamental in designing buildings in and around the city. The development of their logo and potential branding material was important to look firm, creative and an abstract form of a building. This is the ending product.

Online Store


III AM GENIUS, LLC is a brand that is active in the online market as a re seller of items and smoking paraphernalia. This online store has 2 forms of revenue in 2 different sites.

Non-Profit Branding

Diabetes for Life

Do you have diabetes? Do you know someone effected by diabetes? This group was established by myself to help inform others after my mother was diagnosed. I was inspired because my mother wasn’t knowledgeable and would have continued without knowing if it wasn’t for the urging of myself.

Author Branding

Alyssa Johnson

Love to write? This logo was designed for a local author to give a branding to her writing resume. This logo is simple elegant and makes a statement be fitting to the author.

Promotional Product

Barrier Breaker

The pastor of Destiny World Church had a sermon revival and this is one of the sermon topics “Barrier Breaker” The goal is to promote the message and encourage the people in the church.

Portfolio Gallery